Tour of the red-light district in Amsterdam

amsterdam-red-light-district We’re firm believers that the red-light district and “coffee shops” are just the smallest part of the many things Amsterdam has to offer. In fact, we’d say that the majority of Dutch people have never even been inside a coffee shop, and avoid the red light district at all costs. If you wanted to check out this small part in more detail, however, you could do far worse than enrolling on a red-light tour of Amsterdam.

This tour will take you through Amsterdam’s red light district from the point of view of pop culture, revealing the secret goings-on that have taken place here and unveiling some of the best-hidden mysteries of the city. The red light district, after all, is among other things the place where Tarantino wrote Pulp Fiction, and was often frequented by the likes of Eminem and Mike Tyson. It’s also been for decades an important political standpoint.

Various companies offer tours of the red-light district in Amsterdam, including Sandeman’s, Randy Roy’s and Amsterdam City Tours. They’re a great solution if you don’t feel comfortable exploring the area by yourself, or if you do feel comfortable but want to approach things from a more educational point of view.

As well as teaching you everything you need (and didn’t need) to know about prostitues, sex-shops and “smart” (psychedelic-drug-selling) shops, a tour of the red-light district in Amsterdam is a hilarious experience that will allow you to see the city in a new (red?) light.


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